66% korisnika Facebooka SVIĐAJU SE NOVE PROMJENE!

facebook promjene

It's not a scientific survey of any sort… just a Internetska anketa Zoomerang čitatelja i sljedbenika Martech Zone. Međutim, sudeći po odgovoru, vama se sviđaju promjene koje je Facebook primijenio.

There's still a third of folks out there that were ticked off by such a drastic change. In my opinion, I think two things are happening that's encouraging for Facebook to continue changing like this:

  1. Vjerujem u visok postotak netehničkih korisnika pushes them to voice their frustration when changes like this occur. They get used to something and don't want it to change. I'm not sure that will ever be likely. As the old saying goes, Change or Die… a lesson that MySpace learned.
  2. Since Facebook has been regularly changing the way people are interacting with the platform, I think they're slowly lulling their audience into complacency when it comes to the updates. I'm a great example… I used to get a bit frustrated, but now I don't care. I just spend an extra 10 minutes looking for the option since they changed its location.

grafikon promjena na facebooku

Sljedeći Zoomerang internetska anketa uživo na bočnoj traci: Je li vaše poslovno web mjesto optimizirano za mobilne uređaje?

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