Šišanje i privatnost, upad ili korisničko iskustvo?

Don KingSvakih nekoliko tjedana posjetim svoj lokal Supercuts. I don't always get the perfect cut, but it's inexpensive and the folks that work there are really nice. Most important, though, is that Supercuts remembers who I am. When I walk in, they ask for my name and phone number, enter it in their system, and they get a note back with how long since my last haircut as well as how I like it (#3 around with scissor cut on the top, standing part).

Utilizing the (private) information I've provided makes my user experience with Supercuts better and keeps me coming back. Interesting concept, huh? I love frequenting places where they remember my name, how I like my coffee, how I like my shirts starched, or even how I like my hair cut! I come back over and over because the experience is so much better. I've stayed at some fantastic hotels where I was amazed when the concierge made it a point to remember my name. It's that little bit of effort that keeps me returning and expanding my business. Companies that collect and use data are both successful and appreciated.

Moji alati, web stranice i navike na mreži ne bi se trebali razlikovati, zar ne? Podnosim informacije ... ponekad i osobne podatke ... na internetske stranice i sustave kako bih poboljšao svoje iskustvo s njima. Amazon closely tracks my purchases and then recommends additional items that I might be interested in. If I go to a great blog, the Google Adwords accompanying the content might point me to a product or service I'm interested in. If I comment on a friend's site, my information may be kept in a Cookie so it displays so I don't have to fill out the information again. This is fantastic! It saves me time and gets me better results. Isn't that what it's all about?

Činjenica je da se svaka radnja i dio podataka koje stavite na Internet mogu iskoristiti za poboljšanje vašeg korisničkog iskustva fantastičan, not a problem. The data are collected voluntarily, of course. You need not accept cookies, login to websites, use others, or even connect to the Internet at all. To me, privacy isn't the issue at all, security is the issue. Privacy International recently went after Google giving them the worst ratings ever on ‘privacy'. As I read the article, I really thought it was a shoddy thing to do. Google's collection of data are purely to build better experiences for its users as well as connect business to consumers.

Poznati Googlear, Matt Cutts odgovorio je na Privacy International s detaljnim odgovorom za koji sam mislio da je to stvarno zakuvalo. Google nevjerojatno radi sa sigurnošću - kada ste zadnji put čuli za slučajno hakiranje ili slučajno puštanje privatnih podataka od Googlea?

Google doesn't sell the data to anyone, their model is to allow businesses to access their system, consumers to access it, and Google connects the two of them. That's an incredible approach and one that's appreciated by me. I want Google to learn so much about me that my experience utilizing their software gets better and better every day. I want to reach the companies that they recommend to me – who may have product or services I may be interested in.

How would Privacy International rank Supercuts who track how often I visit, who my family members are, and what our haircut preferences are? I'm guessing they would want Supercuts to stop collecting that information. I would then have to explain myself every time I visit… until I stopped and found someone else who učinio pratiti.

Pretpostavljam da je dno svega ovo ... tvrtke koje zlostavljanje vaše podatke treba izbjegavati, ali tvrtke koje koristiti your data should be rewarded. Don't stop tracking me, Google! I like the user experience you provide.

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    Amen, brate!

    P.S. Nisam morao ništa učiniti, osim da upišem ovu poruku ... ..b / c tvoji me komentari već znaju na radnom računalu I na prijenosnom računalu. To je jako dobra stvar ... ... i zbog toga se osjećam važno.

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