Kako dodati svoju agenciju kao suradnika u svoju Shopify trgovinu

Pristup agencije Shopify

Never give your login credentials to your platforms to your agency. There are far too many things that can go wrong when you do this – from lost passwords to access to information they shouldn’t have. The vast majority of platforms nowadays have ways to add users or collaborators to your platform so that they have limited capabilities and can be removed once services are completed.

Shopify čini to dobro, kroz svoje pristup suradnika za partnere. The advantage of collaborators is that they don’t add to your licensed user count on your Shopify store, either.

Postavite Shopify Collaborator Access

By default, anyone can request access to be a collaborator on your Shopify site. Here’s how to check your settings.

  1. Dođite na Postavke.

nadzorna ploča shopify trgovine

  1. Dođite na Korisnici i dopuštenja.

Postavke korisnika i dopuštenja Shopify nadzorne ploče

  1. Ovdje ćete pronaći a suradnici section. The default setting is that anyone can send a collaborator request. If you’d like to limit who requests collaborator access, you can also set a request code as an option.

Postavke korisničkog suradnika Shopify nadzorne ploče

That’s all there is to it! Your Shopify Store is set up to receive collaborator requests from your agency who may be working on content, themes, layout, product information, or even integrations.

Shopify partneri

Vaša agencija mora biti postavljena kao Shopify partner a zatim traže pristup suradniku unosom vašeg jedinstvenog Shopify (internog) URL -a trgovine i svih potrebnih dozvola:

Pristup suradnika Shopify partnerske trgovine

Once your agency sends out their collaborator request, you’ll receive an email where you can review and provide them with permissions. Once you approve the store access, they can get to work!

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