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Vista na Leopardu putem Parallelsa

Snimka zaslona Viste koja će se pokrenuti na mom MacBookPru s Parallels 3.0 i OSX Leopard.

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    You had to include a line fom my English class in a blog post – ingenious! (Macbeth is one evil tradgedy I tell ya.)

    Anyway, I doubt Aero Glass will work under the VM environment – correct me if I’m wrong.

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      I’m pretty sure I like Vista over Windows 3.11, Windows 95 and Windows ME. 🙂 Call me a traitor, but I actually like Vista – we’ve got it running on my son’s mega system and Aero is awesome. The OS is rock solid as well, we’ve never had an issue.

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    A couple of years ago, I stopped having trouble with Windows XP. It only took a simple fix; removing the power plug and hiding the ugly grey box in a corner. A dark, dark corner.
    Just before x-mas I really wanted to try a program that only worked on Window. After about 8 hours of bug-fixing, trying to re-install WinXP, I was greeted with such an unintuitive program interface, that I abandoned the whole project together, and paid happily a much larger sum for a Mac program that actually works.

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