Zašto vas ljudi prestanu pratiti na Twitteru

razlozi twitter odustani

Ovo je možda jedno od najsmješnijih infografika koja Highbridge je učinio do danas. Za svoje klijente radimo gomilu infografika, ali kad sam na eConsultancy pročitao članak o tome zašto ljudi prestaju pratiti na Twitteru, odmah sam pomislio da bi to moglo biti vrlo zabavna infografija. Naš dizajner infografika pružio je izvan naših najluđih snova.

Jeste li previše bučni na Twitteru? Gurate li previše prodaje? Spavate li besramno ljude? Ili ste jednostavno dosadni? Kad bih mogao omotati jednu riječ oko svih ovih razloga, to je vrijednost. Ako svojoj publici ne dodate vrijednost, neće ostati s vama.

Bez daljnjega, evo glavnih razloga zbog kojih vas ljudi prestaju pratiti na Twitteru.

prestani pratiti cvrkut infografiku

Posebno zahvaljujemo eConsultancy-u što nam je dopustio upotrijebite njihove podatke za pisanje posta!

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    An interesting read.  Problem with social media is people get obsessed with who’s unfollowing them.  I’ve had good friends that got that way.  You just need to be yourself online and if people don’t like it then that’s their decision.  Don’t change yourself to keep people following you.  To misquote Lincoln, “You can please some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can please all of the people all of the time.”

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    For business, there’s a fine line between being effective on Twitter and being annoying.  It’s tempting to post multiple times to get through all of the noise and clutter, but you need to be careful.  If you keep popping up in the feed with the same message your followers will tune you out or unfollow you.  

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    It makes me want to walk away from the whole damn thing. Ugh. For the most part, I don’t pay a ton of attention to what most of my followers are tweeting there are few who put good links and content out there but most use it as a way to have conversations best had elsewhere. I do clean my list and dump those who are not following me otherwise, meh.  As for unfollowing me, if I offend which I have been known to do, then unfollow me, but don’t bitch at me about it! 

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    I’m adding this one to my internet marketing pinboard. I agree that it’s difficult to find a happy medium between being “noisy” and sharing relevant and interesting content but the real key is to build followers who are geniunely interested in your broadcasts and to spark conversations to actually connect with people beyond simply “broadcasting.”

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    Presenting “things that did not need to be an infographic”, exhibit A.

    And one under-reported factor: people who follow you for a couple days just to see if you’ll auto-follow them back. That seems to be the majority in my experience.

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      I absolutely disagree with you on it not needing to be an infographic. The stats don’t lie… This has been one of our most successful infographics. Had we just written about it… Oh wait, it WAS written in a blog post by econsultancy. And that post got a fraction of the interest that this did.
      There aren’t rules to what should or shouldn’t be made into an infographic. A humorous and well illustrated graphic can perform quite well. Don’t let conventional or traditional thinking stop you from trying something that works. In this case it worked brilliantly.
      PS: Auto DMs are in there 😉

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    I’ve redone the statistics assuming 100%=2270 total votes
    Too noisy (tweets too often) [12% – 271 votes]
    Too much self-promotion [11% – 249 votes]
    Spammy [11% – 245 votes]
    Not interesting enough [10% – 226 votes]
    Too much repetition [7% – 152 votes]
    Too much automation [7% – 151 votes]
    Offensive / unprofessional [6% – 146 votes]
    Too many ‘begging tweets’ [6% – 145 votes]
    Too quiet [6% – 141 votes]
    Foursquare / check-in abusers [5% – 115 votes]
    No conversational tweets [5% – 108 votes]
    Crimes against grammar [4% – 93 votes]
    Too many retweets [4% – 90 votes]
    Auto / DM abuse [4% – 86 votes]
    Hashtag abusers [2% – 52 votes]
    now i can keep tweeting… 😉

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    You can’t please all the people all the time. There are 3 distinct ways people use Twitter that are very different. Some use it like it is a private chat. Others like me use it to share a lot of quality information. Those who don’t like high volume are not my target audience. Even if I didn’t share so much, the Twitter chats I participate in would drive them bonkers. To each their own.

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    @Nick Stamoulis I agree. The best way to share something more than once is to make each tweet unique so you don’t bore anyone. That allows you to get your message across and should increase clicks.

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