Što je LinkedIn?

Što je LinkedIn? Zašto biste se pridružili LinkedInu? Evo još jednog sjajnog videozapisa od ljudi na CommonCraft upravo na tu temu!

Povežite se sa mnom na LinkedInu.

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    Thanks for sharing this great intro to LinkedIn. For those that are unfamiliar with the site, this explains thing simple, clearly, and succinctly. Lee and Sachi of CommonCraft do an amazing job with their PaperWorks approach.

    The one thing I will say is that LinkedIn isn?t all that effective, for the most part, for finding or sourcing Vendors. The approach mentioned requires you to push your need at the time you have it to people who may or may not have the time or the referrals for you. At VendorCity, we?ve reversed this process and ask business owners and professionals to put their recommendations online. That way, it is always there and accessible the moment the need arises. Not only are you then able to immediately find the vendor you require when the need arises, you are also rewarding good vendors with additional business to anyone in the VendorCity community.

    By the way, another good article on business networking was recently posted by a UK B2B business owner. It can be seen here:


    Douglas, I hope you?ll take a moment to checkout VendorCity.com as we think it is entirely different and better way to do business networking and find the best vendors in your area. Drop me a line if you think you?d have a moment to chat about the concept.

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